Broad’s academic community includes faculty (Core and Non-Core Institute Members, Associate and Affiliate Members), trainees (postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates), the Schmidt and Broad Fellows, and faculty stakeholders at Broad’s partner institutions. Selected OAA services and resources are also available to Broad’s Institute Scientists, as well as to other professional scientists, research associates, and technical specialists.

OAA aims to:

Support our faculty and trainees in launching and leading initiatives of institutional importance. To help steer the Institute — a responsibility we encourage and in some cases expect our scientists to assume — Broad researchers need leadership opportunities, as well as guidance on how to take advantage of them. The office launches such opportunities and works with researchers — in particular, the Institute Members and Institute Scientists — to help them succeed.

Help Broad faculty and trainees advance in their scientific careers. To thrive in academia — especially in Broad’s unusual academic model — scientists need specialized skills, communication techniques and tactics, and knowledge of potential career paths and social norms. The office provides guidance on such issues, through both 1:1 mentoring and formal professional development efforts (often in partnership with other Broad administrative departments).

Ensure that our academic community is functioning smoothly. The office is not just a point of contact for faculty and trainees — it advocates for them and serves as “connective tissue” that brings them together. OAA handles many administrative matters specific to these populations, including faculty recruitment, retention, promotion, and sabbaticals. The office also helps administer appointments for both faculty and trainees, and coordinates with the partner institutions on matters relevant to these communities.

OAA also works closely with many other departments at Broad, including Human Resources, the Office of Communications, and the Office for STEM Engagement and Inclusion (OSEI), which provides and promotes K-12 resources and programming, as well as external efforts to increase diversity in science.


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2022 Next Generation in Biomedicine Symposium on October 13

Register now for the fifth annual Next Generation in Biomedicine Symposium, happening Thursday, October 13. Twenty early career scientists will present their innovative research across a wide range of fields relevant to biomedicine.