In 2019, members of the Broad community—including current and former trainees and mentees—conceived of and established the annual Eric S. Lander and Stuart L. Schreiber Prizes in Scientific Excellence in honor and gratitude for their vision and leadership in founding the Broad Institute, their creation of a culture in which the next generation is empowered to pursue scientific excellence, and their mentorship, especially of early-career women in science. These prizes are given to outstanding mentored scientists (a postdoctoral fellow and graduate student, respectively) who are highly engaged at the Broad Institute and demonstrate first and foremost scientific excellence, reflective of the highest scientific standards of Eric and Stuart, as well as a commitment to promoting women in science as shown through the awardee’s own example as an accomplished woman scientist or through mentorship and championing of women’s scientific careers.

Candidates can directly apply here. Alternatively, send an email to if you have a nominee in mind. We’ll reach out to these individuals and encourage them to apply!

Prize Details

The winners will be invited to present their research at the 2022 Broad Retreat, where they will be recognized with a commemorative scientific excellence award and an accompanying $1,000 prize. Winners will also be invited to participate in a Broad-sponsored leadership development program. 


  • Applicants must be currently affiliated with the Broad Institute as a graduate student, postdoc, or equivalent mentored role (e.g., mentored MD/PhD) at the time of the application and award. 
  • Applicants’ research must be related to research activities at the Broad Institute. 

Selection Criteria 

Applicants are expected to demonstrate excellence in the following areas: 

  • Scientific research 
  • Potential for scientific success in their field 
  • Potential for leadership and service to their scientific field 
  • The promotion of people who identify as women and excellence in science, either through their own scientific contributions or through mentoring and championing women in science 

Application Process and Requirements

1. Application Form 

  • Basic Personal Information: Name, Home Institution, Affiliated Department & Lab, Degree Type and Year. 
  • Describe your scientific accomplishments and their impact on your field. (1-2 pages including at least one summary figure; references can be provided on a third page) 
  • Short Answer Questions (answer all three)
    • What are one to two critical unanswered questions in your field, and how do you think they might be solved? (500 words max) 
    • Write a personal statement discussing your personal journey, interests and challenges, and/or commitment to gender equity and/or women in science. (500 words max) 
    • Describe your relationship to the Broad and engagement in the Broad community (200 words max)

2. Curriculum Vitae or Biosketch 

3. Letters of Recommendation

  • Letters of Recommendation are not required during application but will be requested for candidates progressing to a second stage of evaluation. Please provide names, affiliations, and email addresses of individuals from whom such letters may be solicited. 
    • Postdoctoral fellows: names of three individuals from whom letters of recommendation may be requested, including their graduate and postdoctoral advisor/mentor/PI and another investigator who knows the candidate well. 
    • Graduate students: names of two individuals from whom letters of recommendation may be requested, at least one being from their direct graduate advisor. 

Submission Process 

Please submit your application via Google Forms by Wednesday, October 19th at noon. 

Application Timeline 

The applications for the 2022 Eric S. Lander and Stuart L. Schreiber Prizes in Scientific Excellence will be open August 15th through October 19th. 

Review Process

  • A review committee of members from the Broad Community will make the prize selection based on the established criteria. 
  • Awardees will be notified by early November and will be recognized at the 2022 Broad Retreat. 


Questions regarding the Eric S. Lander and Stuart L. Schreiber Prizes in Scientific Excellence may be emailed to