The SSDC's mission is to create lasting initiatives that advance the careers of all staff scientists. With support from Academic Affairs, HR, and Broad leadership, we work with the professional scientist community to understand the diverse roles and needs of scientists at the Broad and build a culture that best supports them in their roles.

We organize an Annual Staff Scientist Retreat to catalyze community building and networking.

Who is a staff scientist?

A staff scientist is a Broadie who has a PhD or a staff-scientist equivalent title and works as a professional scientist, but is not a faculty member. This includes Associated Scientists from other institutions.

Staff scientists are a pillar of the collaborative culture at the Broad -- they are long-tenured community members who serve as the backbone of many scientific projects, leaders, and mentors. Building a strong network among staff scientists throughout the Broad facilitates scientific exchange and the development of new ideas and projects beyond the staff scientist community.

Latest Announcement

Congratulations to the Staff Scientist Distinction Awards recipients!

Congratulations to the inaugural recipients of the Staff Scientist Distinction Awards, which was established in 2020 to highlight the efforts and contributions of Staff Scientists across the Broad.