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Hygiene and cleaning

Hand hygiene
Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm, soapy water…

  • Before leaving home

  • After arriving at your work area

  • Before and after touching your mask for any reason

  • Before touching surfaces in common spaces

  • Before and after eating

  • After using the restroom

  • After removing gloves

  • Before leaving the lab


  • Users should, as usual, take responsibility for cleaning scientific benches and equipment, and for cleaning floors inside most card access spaces due to the sensitive nature of the materials. Please see detailed guidelines for disinfecting lab equipment.

  • Lab groups should also plan for wiping down door handles, desk areas, and other common surfaces within their lab spaces at the end of the work day. 

  • Common surfaces in office spaces will be cleaned by the janitorial staff as usual, but groups may want to consider supplemental cleaning of their personal items (i.e., keyboards etc.) as needed. SQM will supply appropriate disinfectant cleaners.

  • Facilities’ janitorial contractor is cleaning and disinfecting Broad buildings with increased focus on common areas, and will adjust cleaning as the population and need increases.


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