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Masks and PPE

Surgical masks are required for anyone in a Broad facility (lab and non-lab), regardless of vaccination status.. 

Broadies who need surgical masks can pick them up near any of the security desks. There is no need for labs to order their own supplies of masks.

  • Every person present in a Broad building must wear a surgical mask over their nose and mouth at all times, unless working alone in an office or unless lab protocols approved by EHS call for respirators in a particular space or process

  • Please conserve surgical masks. You do not need to discard your mask each time you leave lab space. Do dispose of a mask if you believe you have had a splash to the face while wearing it.  
  • Wash your hands before and after touching your mask for any reason.

  • Remove your mask only to eat or drink.  

Other PPE requirements

  • Do not share PPE.

  • Wear safety glasses with side shields and a lab coat anytime you are working in the lab. Wrap-around safety glasses are also acceptable.

  • If you are performing a procedure for which a face shield is recommended as a secondary protector, wear safety glasses under the face shield. 

  • Mark safety glasses with your name and store them someplace where they won’t get contaminated (such as a ziploc bag) if they will be reused.

  • Wear gloves per lab protocols and when handling shared equipment and hazardous materials.

  • Remove gloves before leaving the lab, and wash your hands after you remove gloves and before you leave the lab.

Please review EHS’s full guidelines on PPE

Please review EHS’s full guidelines on PPE.

These guidelines for masks and PPE are enforced strictly. Infractions will be addressed following the escalation plan outlined in Workplace safety compliance and enforcement.


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