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Physical distancing

Whenever possible, maintain a distance of six feet from any other person while onsite.  (See “Etiquette for high-traffic areas” below for guidance on situations where distancing is difficult or is not possible.) 

Limit time onsite
Effective physical distancing depends upon limiting the number of people in the building at any one time. 

  • Groups may need to work in shifts. Your lab’s "quarterback" or manager will let you know if this is the case for your group.
  • Limit time in the building to activities that can’t be done offsite.

Density targets 
Using guidance from the CDC and other authorities, we’ve established density targets for each space at the Broad aimed at providing appropriate distancing and allowing room for people to move within a space. 

  • Scientific groups have received updated density guidelines for their assigned spaces. Your lab’s "quarterback" or manager can fill you in on the maximum number of occupants for your space and your lab’s plan for observing it.
  • Occupancy limits and use guidelines for common areas are posted prominently. 

Etiquette for high-traffic areas

While working onsite, you will sometimes encounter situations where physical distancing is difficult. When that happens, please follow these recommendations. 

See also: Eating while onsite


See also: Security, Building Access and Visitors