Reporting concerns

If you observe safety violations, please report them via any of the channels listed below. There are multiple options for reporting concerns; choose the one with which you feel most comfortable. No matter how you report it, your concern will be taken seriously, acted upon promptly, and kept confidential.

Report a concern

Report a concern anonymously

  • Lighthouse
    Third-party hotline for reporting improper conduct or violations of institute policies
    File a web report or call 855-222-0607


Workplace safety compliance and enforcement 

For their own safety and the safety of others, Broadies must adhere to all of the protocols for a safe workplace, including those governing Masks and PPE, Physical distancing, and Hygiene and cleaning. These guidelines will be enforced strictly. Infractions will be addressed following the below escalation plan:

First offense 
Will be asked to stop what they are doing, and to comply before resuming work.

Second offense
Will be asked to stop what they are doing and to comply before resuming work. PI/Supervisor, and EHS should be notified. Retraining will be required by EHS. Training will vary depending on the offense.

Third offense
Will be asked to stop what they are doing. Will be asked to meet with their supervisor and HR Partner, and discuss progressive discipline.

For questions or guidance, contact and/or your HR partner.


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