Employees and their families are offered Delta Dental coverage.

While Broad subsidizes a portion of the dental premium cost, you also contribute for your coverage with pre-tax dollars.

Delta Dental of Massachusetts
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Boston, MA  02129

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Coverage Summary


Benefit Summary

Delta Dental provides a comprehensive dental plan with 100% coverage on most preventative care and substantial coverage for a range of other dental services, along with the largest dentist network in the country. Delta Dental offers both in-network and out-of-network coverage to plan participants.

To confirm if your dentist participates in a Delta Dental network, or to find a new dentist, visit www.deltadentalma.com, or call Delta Dental customer service at 1-800-872-0500.

You receive the greatest value and best coverage of dental benefits when you obtain covered services from participating Delta Dental providers. When you visit a participating dentist, simply provide your dentist with your Delta Dental ID card and your dentist will handle all the paperwork and will submit your claim to Delta Dental.


When You Choose Non-Preferred Providers

You can also obtain covered services from non-participating Delta Dental providers, sometimes at a higher out-of-pocket expense. If you utilize the services of a non-participating dentist whose fees are higher than the maximum plan allowance, you will be responsible for the difference between Delta Dental’s payment and the dentist’s total submitted charge. When you visit a non-participating dentist, simply provide your dentist with your Delta Dental ID card and your dentist will collect their fee directly from you when services are performed. You will be reimbursed by Delta Dental for all or part of your payment after you submit a claim form to Delta Dental of MA, P.O. Box 9695, Boston, MA 02114. Claim forms can be printed from the Members section of the Delta Dental website at www.deltadentalma.com.

Non-participating dentists may balance bill. Subscribers are responsible for the difference between the non-participating maximum plan allowance and the full fee charged by the dentist.



This information should be used only as a guideline for your dental benefits plan. For detailed information about the plan, riders, terms and conditions, or limitations and exclusions, please see the Subscriber Certificate, available from the Benefits Office.


How to Enroll in this Benefit

New hires have 30 days from their date of hire to complete their enrollment in the benefits program. There is an annual open enrollment in the fall of each year during which time you can make benefit plan changes for the upcoming year. You may change your benefit selections outside of annual open enrollment due to Qualifying Life Event changes, which are described here.