About The IDEA Office

A diverse and inclusive community that fully embodies all forms of identity (racial, ethnic, gender, physical, neuro-ability, religious, and socio-economic) is essential to achieve Broad’s scientific mission and fosters a culture of belonging. 


  • Inclusion: Is involvement and empowerment of all people and unlocks the power of diversity by ensuring varying perspectives are heard.
  • Diversity: Is the range of human differences, including gender, race, sexuality.
  • Equity: Is ensuring equitable opportunity, promotions, representation, and access to leadership.
  • Allyship: Is engaging the full population of the institute to drive cultural change.

The IDEA Office is responsible for the design, implementation, and execution of our institutional inclusion, diversity, and equity strategy. 


So far in 2022, the IDEA Office is already at work on: 

  • Meeting with stakeholders, leadership, and other Broadies to better understand the institute, the IDEA Office’s sphere of influence, and Broad’s needs.
  • Collecting and reviewing data, (e.g. responses from recent Pulse Surveys and demographic data) and sharing findings with the Broad community.
  • Developing and launching Executive Leadership Team DEI professional development programming.
  • Developing and launching affinity group leadership professional development programming.
  • Building out the IDEA Office team.

By mid- to late-2022, the IDEA Office will: 

  • Conduct a baseline climate assessment.
  • Refine and launch the IDEA Ambassador Program (2.0).
  • Develop a strategic plan for the IDEA Office.
  • Develop and launch mentorship, coaching, and sponsorship programs for Broadies, beginning with programming for women of color — with the plan to launch similar programs for other underrepresented cohorts.
  • Develop an “IDEA Scorecard” to annually assess our efforts.
  • Increase transparency of metrics and measures of both diversity and inclusion.


Contact the IDEA Office at idea@broadinstitute.org  

Latest Announcement

“I’m excited to work with all Broadies as we move forward in our efforts to make Broad a more inclusive space.”

Chief Equity Officer René Salazar speaks about his two decades of experience in the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) space; Broad’s DEI priorities; and the powers of mentorship.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Allyship

Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Allyship