announcements / 10.08.21

All members of the Broad community are invited to join us at an open meeting with the Women@Broad Steering Committee. Come and learn what Women@Broad is all about, how to get involved, and where to share your ideas. Members of the Women@Broad steering committee are eager to answer questions and...

announcements / 10.08.21
Security, building access, and visitors

To help us monitor who is working onsite, upon routine entering and exiting from a Broad building, Broadies must swipe their badges at a dedicated card reader. In case of an emergency, Broadies should leave the...

announcements / 08.17.21
2021 Haiti Earthquake

Charity Navigator, an independent watchdog that evaluates and monitors the programming impact of charitable organizations, has posted a special page with a list of highly-rated charities providing relief and recovery efforts in Haiti.

Lydje Lahens in OSAP is coordinating...

announcements / 07.28.21
Broad-wide community update on COVID-19

Roby Bhattacharyya and Deb Hung shared what infectious disease experts know (and still don’t know) about the Delta variant of COVID-19 and what it means for public health.

Watch a recording:

COVID-19 Q&A with Roby

If the virus continues to mutate and we don...