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Beyond the Diagnosis art exhibit returns to the Stanley Building

Broad Institute is proud to host the Beyond the Diagnosis art exhibit for a seventh consecutive year in the Stanley Building lobby beginning Friday, January 20.

Two portraits of children from this year's Beyond the Diagnosis exhibit.

Broad Institute is proud to host the Beyond the Diagnosis art exhibit for an eighth consecutive year. For 2023, the exhibit will be installed in the Stanley Building lobby, 75 Ames Street, from Friday, January 20 to Friday, March 17.

It takes an average of eight years to identify a diagnosis for a patient with a rare disease and, for many, few treatment options exist. One route to improve the lives of those patients is through research to better understand these diseases and create new ways to diagnose and treat them.

The Beyond the Diagnosis art exhibit features portraits of patients living with rare diseases. Painted and donated by accomplished artists, the exhibit travels to medical schools, hospitals, and research centers across the globe to encourage those in the biomedical community to look “beyond the diagnosis” and focus on the people involved — particularly patients and their families. 

Beyond the Diagnosis is a non-profit advocacy organization that believes art can not only leave a powerful and lasting visual imprint but also create a unique connection for the viewer.


Image courtesy of Beyond the Diagnosis, featuring Jakobi by Robert Francis Whelan & Paige by Jota Leal.