Announcements / 05.13.21
COVID-19 crisis: Where to donate

BroadCorps offers some places to donate to help India and Brazil amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis caused by COVID-19.


While many of us in the United States are watching COVID cases fall due to the vaccine, the COVID-19 crisis continues to ravage much of the world — particularly in India and Brazil.

In India alone, COVID-19 cases have surpassed 20 million, with severe shortages in hospital beds, oxygen, and other critical resources. If you have family and friends who are being impacted in India or elsewhere, BroadCorps stands with you in solidarity. This is a global battle.

Below are a number of BroadCorps-curated options for donation:


Please email BroadCorps if there are other fundraisers you’d like to add to this list. As much as we'd like to be able to match funds, Broad and BroadCorps aren't set up to track and match donations. Instead, please share these resources with your networks and fellow Broadies!