Announcements / 01.4.21

COVID-19 post-holiday testing policy

Returning to onsite work after the holiday closing? Learn about Broad's post-holiday testing policy, in effect from January 4–January 15, 2021.

COVID self-testing

Post-holiday testing policy, in effect for the two weeks after the holiday break (January 4–January 15, 2021): Before your initial return to onsite work you must test at Broad, at the 415 Main auditorium, within the prior 48 hours and wait offsite for a negative result. This policy does not apply to individuals who have been working and testing as usual during the holiday break (e.g., the GP testing team, Comparative Medicine, etc.).

Be sure you test in time to have your results before you return to work. Broad's current test turnaround is 6-24 hours.

NOTE: If you can't get tested at Broad before your return to onsite work, you are permitted to get a PCR test elsewhere so long as you follow the same 48-hour guidelines. Email with your results and the date you plan to return to work onsite.