Announcements / 11.3.21
Onsite COVID-19 guidelines

This page contains guidance and updates about security, building access, and visitors; onsite and offsite meeting guidelines — including information about conference and huddle rooms; and, eating guidelines.

Security, building access, and visitors

To help us monitor who is working onsite, upon routine entering and exiting from a Broad building, Broadies must swipe their badges at a dedicated card reader. In case of an emergency, Broadies should leave the building as quickly as possible via the nearest emergency exit and not detour or delay exiting in order to badge out.


If you are hosting a visitor such as a service technician or vendor, a candidate attending an onsite interview, or another individual or group, complete the Visitor and Vendor Registration Form to get your visitor approved by 3:00 p.m. at least one business day before the visit. Safety protocols that currently apply to Broadies also apply to all visitors, including that all visitors must be fully vaccinated (they will attest to this when they pre-register with Security) and must wear a surgical mask while onsite.

[Link to updated Security announcement TK]

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Meeting & room guidance

  • Beginning Friday, November 5, all room capacity limits will be removed. Eating is permitted during indoor meetings only when you can distance 6 feet and follow all eating and catering guidelines.
    • All in-person attendees must wear a surgical mask during indoor meetings.
  • Meetings should have a hybrid option if participants are planning to join remotely. 
  • Broadies can book the small patio (located between Monadnock and Yellowstone) and the terrace (located off of the 2nd floor connector, closest to the parking garage).
    • You may book the patio and the terrace at the same time, if after 3:00 pm. The terrace will remain unbookable before 3:00 pm to protect outdoor space for Broadies eating onsite.
  • See offsite meeting guidelines if planning an offsite event
  • Organizers are responsible for ensuring that the meeting space is clean after use.
  • Email Facilities at least 48 hours in advance for all room configuration requests.
  • Do not keep a hold on a room if you aren’t using it.

Conference and huddle rooms

Go here to view an up-to-date list of all Broad’s conference rooms and their A/V technology as well as information about how to book each room. 

If you choose to use a 1-on-1 or huddle room, you must book it. To find a list of open rooms, type “huddle” or “1-on-1” into the location field on Google Calendar and select the room you’d like to reserve or view this list of all Broad's small meeting rooms.

Eating while onsite

All Broadies must wear a surgical mask indoors when working closely with others and in common spaces

  • When eating inside, you must physically distance at least six feet from others. When eating outside, you do not need to distance. It's okay to remove your mask while actively eating. Beverages can be sipped by sliding your mask down for a second; please don't remove your mask.
    • We encourage you to eat outside (where masks aren't required) whenever possible.

Catering guidelines

  • All catering served at events must be boxed or individually wrapped.
    • There is one exception to this rule: If you are eating at an offsite venue, please follow the (COVID-safe) eating guidelines established by the venue.
  • Follow Broad’s updated Policy on Alcohol at Sanctioned Events if you’re planning an onsite or offsite meeting/event with alcohol. 
  • If making catering arrangements, remember that people who are not fully vaccinated must eat solo in an office with the door closed.

Offsite gathering guidance

Broad continues to allow offsite Broad-sponsored social and work gatherings. Attendance at any work event should be voluntary and event hosts are encouraged to create options for remote attendance and to be mindful of Broadies’ varying comfort levels with in-person gatherings. We also encourage all Broadies to use outdoor spaces for Broad-sponsored socials and work gatherings whenever possible.

  • All attendees must wear masks (unless the event is outdoors).
  • Gatherings must adhere to the COVID regulations of the venue.
  • If you are serving food or drinks at an offsite venue, please follow the (COVID-safe) eating guidelines established by the venue.
  • Ensure there is enough space for guests to distance themselves if they choose to do so.

Check out this curated list of Boston-area outdoor event spaces.