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Preview the new Broad Discovery Center
Visit an exhibit structure from the Psychiatric Research gallery in the Merkin lobby from April 19 - June 30.
Broad Discovery Center Preview

Beginning April 19, Broadies and visitors to the Merkin Building can explore one of the 20 exhibit structures that will make up the new Broad Discovery Center. Launching in the fall of 2022, the Broad Discovery Center will be a welcoming, active educational space that showcases how researchers at the Broad and our partner institutions are deciphering the root causes of disease. The first exhibit on display is a moveable structure that introduces psychiatric research and the role of genetics in understanding the brain. 

Broadies are invited to explore the exhibit as a preview before all galleries launch in the fall. The exhibit is in a temporary location, but its footprint offers a glimpse of how the full-scale Broad Discovery Center will look when it is completed. This exhibit is on display through June 30. 

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