Announcements / 08.19.20

Security protocols after COVID-19 wind-down

Until further notice, enhanced protocols for security, building access, and visitors are in place.

Until further notice, the following enhanced protocols for security, building access, and visitors are in place:

Building access:

  • All main doors to 75A, 415M, 105B, and 320C are locked 24/7 effective Thursday, March 19. Broadies will need to tap their IDs on the exterior card readers to enter the building. You must swipe your access card to enter all Broad facilities so we are aware of who is present in the building.

  • 75 Ames and 415 Main: All Broadies will need to enter at the main entrance of 415 Main or the Stanley Building and pass by the security desk. Other entrances, including the terrace entrance from the parking garage on P3, will be closed and the card readers deactivated.

  • Upon exiting either building, Broadies will need to swipe their badges at a dedicated exit card reader in the lobby.

  • 320 Charles St.: Card access entry points will be limited to the 6th St. lot (Monday-Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and the main entrance only. 

  • If you forget your Broad ID, use the exterior intercoms to speak with security.

  • Access to Broad facilities is currently restricted to those with active Broad IDs.  There are no restrictions on which Broadies may enter Broad facilities, but Broadies who don’t absolutely need to be on-site should remain off-site. This is to minimize the number of people interacting with the teams conducting critical scientific research and facilities operations. If you need to come in quickly to pick something up, that’s okay.

Visitors/ deliveries:

  • Visitors, including vendors and contractors without Broad IDs, must be pre-registered by 3:00 p.m. at least one business day before for entry. To submit an essential visitor request, please use this Google form and wait for approval from Security. Visitors are limited to those critical to operations only. They will need to follow Broad protocols on masks and PPE and physical distancing, which their Broad host should send them before they arrive, and complete the health questionnaire before entering any Broad building. Vendors and contractors without Broad IDs who are not pre-registered may experience delays in accessing the facilities.  

  • Food delivery drivers, with the exception of VESTER and Dumpling Daughter, will not be permitted to enter any building. Broadies should arrange for a no-contact or curbside delivery.

  • Deliveries of supplies, medical gases, and other regular loading dock deliveries will not be impeded or impacted by the enhanced access control and visitor measures.