Announcements / 03.2.21

[VIDEO] Equity in Biomedicine | “Research as Relational: Community Engagement for Equity in Precision Medicine Research”

Watch a recording of the first Equity in Biomedicine fireside chat about the meaning and practices of community engagement, with speaker Sandra Soo-Jin Lee (Columbia University) and hosted by Ben Neale.

Equity in Biomedicine Seminar Series

“Research as Relational: Community Engagement for Equity in Precision Medicine Research”

Watch a recording:

Trust and trustworthiness in biomedical research require confronting systemic inequities. Drawing on Dr. Lee’s study of the “Ethics of Inclusion” in precision medicine research, this conversation focused on the meaning and practices of community engagement. 

We discussed questions like: What, and who, is engagement for? How are decisions about which communities to engage with made? Who should represent those communities? How should “benefit” be defined, and by whom? And what commitments are required for building sustainable relationships that will promote equitable benefits from biomedical research?


About the speaker

Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, Ph.D. is Chief of the Division of Ethics at Columbia University and Co-PI of the NHGRI-funded Center for ELSI Resources and Analysis. Trained as a medical anthropologist, Dr. Lee leads studies of the ethical and social dimensions of genomics, including race, diversity and categories of difference; governance of data and biospecimens; consumer genomics; and precision medicine and health inequities. Dr. Lee is a Hastings Center Fellow and serves on the Scientific and Bioethics Advisory Boards of the Kaiser Permanente National Research Biobank, the NHGRI Genomics and Society Working Group, and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Human Pangenome Research Consortium.


About the Equity in Biomedicine Seminar Series (EBM) 

EMB is an institute-wide interactive meeting that focuses on critical issues related to equity and representation in biomedical research, especially as it applies to genomics research and precision medicine. Speakers dive into the equal or unequal social implications of their work: Who is affected? How are they affected? Why? The overall goal of this series is to foster discussions about equity and inspire Broad scientists and trainees to reflect on the social impact of their own research.

The EBM series is sponsored by the IDEA Office; each event in the series is presented by one or more Broad scientific groups in collaboration with Shades@Broad and the organizing committee. Current members of the organizing committee include Mireille Kamariza, Alham Saadat, Namrata Sengupta, Patrick Turley, Alex Bloemendal, and Bronwyn MacInnis. For more information about the EBM series or to nominate a future seminar speaker, contact Mireille Kamariza.