Announcements / 12.16.20

Winter storm update

Broad will remain open during the December 16-17 storm. Read these updates to learn more.

There is a winter storm projected in the Boston area from Wednesday, December 16 - Thursday, December 17.

  • We will be open, but we recognize that travel conditions will likely be difficult during the morning commute.
  • Please reach out to your manager if you need to come in late or work from home. 
  • Please note: Only unstaffed COVID-19 testing will be available on Thursday, December 17. Broadies who need to test will be able to pick up a kit from the 415 Main security desk to swab in the auditorium as they typically would after hours. We’ll resume regular onsite testing on Friday, December 18.

If we ever need to close or limit building access for a snow day, we’ll use the Broad Alert system to let you know. To learn more, and to update your contact information, please see How to find out about emergency closings.