Through press releases and in direct conversations with reporters, we help the news media tell stories about issues that are important for the public to know about.

We also help connect journalists with Broad and Broad-affiliated researchers who have expertise in particular areas, and we help Broadies prepare for interviews and think about topics that reporters might want to know about.


Get in touch with us if…

  • You are working on something that you think would be interesting to the news media and the general public. We can help you think through ways to attract news coverage.
  • A reporter contacts you with an interview request. We can offer suggestions to help you get your point across and present your research in the best possible light. We may also reach out to the reporter so you can better understand the story they are working on. When the story runs, we can share it through our social media channels and in the BroadCast.


Team Members

David Cameron
Director, External Communications

Karen Zusi-Tran
Senior Media Relations Manager




Photography and videography requests

All requests to film or photograph at the Broad Institute require pre-approval by the Office of Communications, both for liability purposes and to ensure minimal disruption to the important science underway here. If you are approached by a photographer or videographer from outside the institute or wish to invite someone to photograph or film here, you must reach out to us and get approval before making arrangements.

All photography and videography inside labs must comply with EHS guidelines.