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Our mission is to ensure an inclusive, affirming and accepting environment for all members of the LGBTQ community at the Broad, identify challenges to and lead the advancement of members of the LGBTQ community in STEM fields, engage with external organizations to promote equality for LGBTQ people in society, and to collaborate with other Broad affinity groups to promote a genuine, shared culture of diversity and inclusion.



  • Increase visibility and acceptance of LGBTQ members within the Broad community.
  • Advocate for LGBTQ-friendly changes in Broad policies and in the workplace.
  • Provide support and networking opportunities for members of our community.
  • Identify issues faced by LGBTQ people in STEM fields and generate strategies to address them.
  • Connect and engage with local organizations, companies, academic institutions and medical centers to extend our network and create a channel for outreach.


Current projects

  • Sponsor informational events, with speakers discussing LGBTQ-related topics.
  • Build connections with LGBTQ STEM professionals.
  • Launch initiatives for allies of and families with LGBTQ individuals.
  • Collaborate on programming with BroadLife.
  • Raise awareness through events including Boston Pride, National Coming Out Day, Transgender Awareness Week, and World AIDS Day.
  • Organize social events.


Past projects

Family building seminar in partnership with BroadLife. Collaboration with the Blood Donation Working Group, which issued a report to the FDA urging changes to its blood donor deferral policy.