Broad Institute 18th Annual Retreat, December 12-13, 2022 inside a blue circle an a white background.

The 18th Annual Broad Retreat will take place in-person Monday, December 12 – Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Attend this year’s retreat and experience the depth of Broad science while connecting with fellow Broadies.

The retreat is FREE and open to all members of the Broad community, including Broad staff, affiliates, associate and institute members, and members of their labs.

As a reminder, please abstain from sharing pictures, data, or other information from Broad Retreat presentations on social media. It's a great privilege to get a sneak peek at our colleagues' breakthroughs before the rest of the world. Let's make sure all that unpublished science stays between us Broadies.

Meet the Retreat Planning Committee

The Broad Retreat is a closed meeting for members of the Broad community.


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Members of the Broad community have received an invitation to register via email.

Contact if you've yet to receive an invitation. 


Browse a collection of questions about the retreat, including information about accessibility, or ask your own question.


Click above for poster guidelines. The deadline to present a poster has passed.

Pre-Retreat Primer

First time attending the Retreat? Attend a Primer on Wednesday, December 7 from 2:00-3:00 PM. Click the icon to register and learn more.


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Each year, the retreat features a number of talks that represent a cross-section of the collaborative and innovative work taking place at Broad. Register to view a list of the Retreat talks.
Visit Pathable to see this year’s talks.

Social Events

Learn more about how to get involved, give back, and connect with your Broadie community at this year's Retreat by clicking the icon above!

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In between the talks are breakout sessions. Topics include exciting new fields, approaches, and technologies; the intersection of science and public life; ways the Broad supports and enables science; and other aspects of our work. Register to see a list of this year's breakouts.

Visit Pathable to see this year’s breakouts.

For Unpublished Work

In accordance with our standard practices, if you are presenting unpublished work you believe may be patentable, please contact the Office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering (OSAP) to complete an Invention Disclosure Form.