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Car, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Parking

Read important updates on parking related to COVID-19.




All full-time Broad employees may apply for medical, occasional or regular parking at a subsidized rate. We also offer a carpool program. Additionally, full-time affiliated personnel may be allowed to obtain a regular Parking Pass. 

Parking fees for occasional and regular parking, as well as the carpool program, can be paid via payroll deduction on a monthly basis if you are a paid Broad employee. 

Non-Broad-paid parkers must pay in full upfront by check made out to the Broad Institute (see rates in the application or in the employee benefits manual). Additional information can be found in the Parking and Transportation sections of the Employee Benefits Manual.


Regular parking
Depending on where you would like to park, there may be a waiting list for regular parking. Once your application is received, you will either be assigned parking or your name will be added to this list.

Occasional parking
Occasional parking allows you to park up to eight times a month in the Green Garage located across from the Stanley Building. To enroll in occasional parking, follow the link on the right side of this page. 

New enrollments or changes must be made by the second Friday of the month to be effective for the following month. Passes may be picked up at the front desk of the parker's respective building on the first business day of the month. Occasional parkers may begin parking as soon as they receive their daily parking passes, which can take up to six weeks to receive. Daily passes may be ordered in increments of two, four, six, or eight. Those enrolled in regular parking or the carpool program are not eligible.

Once approved for occasional parking, the number of passes you request is a "standing" order that repeats each month. To change the number of occasional parking passes you receive, complete the Occasional Parking Change Form

Associate, Senior Associate, Institute Member, and Core Faculty parking
Visitor parking is offered for associate members, senior associate members, institute members, and core faculty through a Broad subsidized parking voucher (parking validation). Please contact for more information.

Carpool Program
The Broad offers a Carpool program for all full-time Broad employees and associated personnel. Carpool members enjoy a higher subsidy in addition to the normal parking subsidy, decreasing their annual cost by an additional 50%. This program provides an opportunity to carpool with Broad affiliated institutions and pre-approved local Kendall Sq. businesses; the primary member assumes all responsibilities for this benefit. For more information please contact

Applicants for carpooling receive preference on the parking waiting list. 

Parking for medical reasons
If you need parking for medical reasons, please contact:

Bicycles, scooters, and skateboards

Bicycle cages and parking
The Broad offers several bike cages across our campus in order to best support our biking community. If you use these cages regularly, please consider attaching a Broad bike tag so our team can reach you if necessary. You can pick one up at the front desk of any Broad building. Please contact Security with any questions or concerns about bicycle storage.

Yellow Garage- 3 cages(click here for a map)

  • Cage #1 location: First floor (street level) Yellow Garage. 415 Main side.
  • Cage #1 security/ access: Broad-only cage. Access with pin code. (Beginning in 2021: Access with your Broad ID. Camera surveillance.)
  • Cage #2 location: First floor (street level) Yellow Garage. 75 Ames side.
  • Cage #2 security/ access: Shared by all of Kendall Sq. and owned/operated by Boston Properties. Access with your Broad ID.  
  • Cage #3 location: Basement of the Yellow Garage: down the ramp, straight ahead on the right side. This cage has power outlets and a new scooter storage rack for easy charging (as of 11/17/20)! 
  • Cage #3 security/ access: Broad-only cage. Access with your Broad ID. Camera surveillance. 

320 Charles - 1 cage*

  • Location: Along the back of the building (Bent St. side)
  • Security/ Access: Broad-only cage. Access by pin code; ask 320 Charles front desk for code. Exterior camera surveillance at entry/exit. 

105 Broadway - 1 cage*

  • Location: 1st floor (ground level) in the Blue Garage
  • Security/ Access: Cage is shared by all of Biogen. Key access; ask 105 Broadway front desk for a key. 

*Note: All the Broad-only cages allow you to store your bike for up to two weeks; the other cages do not allow long-term storage. If you plan to store your bicycle in any of the Broad-only cages for longer than two weeks, please notify the Broad security team. Cages are periodically audited to ensure that adequate bicycle storage exists.

Bicycle Storage Policy

Broad encourages commuting by bike, skateboard, and/or scooter. Due to safety issues, we ask that Broadies store their bicycles, etc. in one of our many bike cages (see above). 

  • Bicycles, large skateboards, and gas- or electric-powered scooters larger than 30’’ when folded are prohibited from being brought into any Broad building. You must be able to carry it into the building and store it safely under your desk in order to bring it into any Broad building. 
  • Storage of bicycles in any common area lobby, service area, stairwell, or corridor is prohibited. 
  • The Broad is not responsible for theft or damage of bicycles or other personal property left in these bicycle cages. However, by December 2020, all Broad-only cages will have enhanced Security (Broad IC access, and camera surveillance.)

Please email for additional information.

Emergency Ride Home Program

The Broad Institute offers an Emergency Ride Home program. This program offers a free or reimbursable taxi ride to your home or medical facility if an emergency situation occurs at work. To find out how and when to use this program, please visit the HR Benefits Manual.

Parking Rules, Regulations, and Policies

  1. Abuse of the parking program will result in loss of all parking privileges and may be subject to further review by the Institute.
  2. Parking assignments are distributed based on availability.
  3. Parkers may not switch their parking assignments with another parker, either in the short term or the long term.
  4. Those with regular or carpool parking must report in writing a change in make or model of car or new license plate number to the Broad Parking Coordinator within 15 days.
  5. Parking permits, as assigned, for surface parking must be properly displayed on the vehicle at all times. Parker's vehicles that do not display a current permit will be subject to towing. This specific rule references the parking spaces at 320 Charles Street.
  6. The annual parking fees are not negotiable.
  7. Occasional Parking Passes are not for resale under any circumstances. Abuse of any kind will result in immediate suspension from the parking program.
  8. If a parker's vehicle is towed from a Broad assigned lot or garage, because it is improperly parked, the parker bears the entire cost of the tow and resultant storage.
  9. Parkers may not leave their vehicle overnight on any Broad assigned lot or garage without first receiving permission from Broad Security.
  10. Parking assignments are renewed during the month of June. All parkers must renew at this time to ensure continued parking privileges.
  11. Occasional parking assignments are currently located in the Green Garage, located directly across from the Stanley Building. Passes are not for the Yellow garage (the garage directly behind 415 Main Street). The Broad is not responsible for costs resulting from parking in the wrong garage.
  12. All parking fees will be reviewed annually and may increase as the Institute deems appropriate.
  13. You may cancel parking at any time by emailing

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