AAA@Broad works to establish a community for Broadies who identify themselves as Asian and Asian-American. We aim to spread cultural awareness and the traditions that range across communities, celebrate the cultural differences, and cherish the diversity. For the forthcoming year, we are looking to advocate for professional development opportunities and recognize the prolific scientists belonging to the community. 

AAA's initiatives

  • Hosting celebrations of major AAPI holidays like Lunar New Year, Holi, Diwali, and others.
  • Creating spaces for community-building and recognition of the AAA community at Broad through educational campaigns, like AAPI Heritage Month, and through informal events like our tea time chats.
  • Hosting community forums and conversations surrounding Asian and Asian-American experiences and related topics.

For more information

  • Contact us at
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  • By joining the Google Group, you will be automatically added to our Slack channel (#asian_and_asian-americans) within 24 hours.

Latest Announcement

René Salazar Speaker Series
René Salazar Speaker Series on Tuesday, September 19
Come support diverse researchers in a conversation about achieving equity in universities, public sector workforce and student populations. Register for our next talk, to be held Tuesday, September 19th, 2023.