Benjamin Doughty, 2019

Associate Computational Biologist

Ben Doughty’s career at the Broad began during his last year of high school. During the summer of 2012, Ben completed an internship here focused on examining the long intergenic non-coding RNA Firre. After completing his undergraduate studies, Ben returned to the Broad to work with Jesse Engreitz in the Lander lab, and he is now an associate computational biologist. His current work focuses on exploring non-coding variants uncovered in genome-wide association studies and connecting them to their target genes, in addition to studying enhancers at single-cell resolution. Ben finds his work interesting because he interacts closely with people in many different labs and does something different each day – from writing pipelines for analyzing new kinds of single-cell RNA sequencing experiments, to testing out new versions of CRISPR base editors, to developing mathematical models for analyzing enhancer screening data.

In his free time, you might find Ben riding his bike (either commuting to work or cycling for fun), performing swing-dancing routines around Boston, or reading. His favorite book is To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf, and his favorite band is The Magnetic Fields. He was recently elected to the Town Meeting of his hometown, Brookline, and is currently the youngest of its 240 members. 

Ben enjoys cooking and invented “squash-ta,” a pasta dish with a squash-and-parmesan sauce that was a hit with his college housemates. Ben aspires to one day visit Bulgaria; a babysitter once brought him a deck of cards featuring famous Bulgarian sites, so he knows there are at least 52 cool things to do and see there. As a scientist, he’s inspired by the work of Jacob and Monod, especially for postulating the existence of mRNA before it was actually discovered, and he hopes to one day see accurate methods to predict protein structure.

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