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Emily Munro-Ludders

Emily Munro-Ludders, 2019

Scrum Master

As the scrum master for the Data Sciences Platform (DSP), Emily Munro-Ludders facilitates the team’s productivity and fosters a positive culture of iterative improvement. She supports a group of talented and committed people and thinks creatively about how to facilitate better team cohesion and development. When she applied for the position, she’d never heard of a “scrum master,” but the role fit well with her personality and her experience in AmeriCorps’s Massachusetts Promise Fellowship, an organization dedicated to supporting young adults in Greater Boston. Emily also serves on the DSP-Inclusion Steering Committee, whose aims are aligned with her own lifelong passions and long-term goals.

A native of Chicago, Emily moved to rural Maine in her early teens and she still delights in the quiet activities of her youth, such as reading, playing video games, and spending quality time with others, whether they be people or animals (preferably cats). During college, Emily took a break to travel abroad; highlights of her trip included Paris and Athens, though she hopes to visit Chile, Ireland, and then some in the future. These days, Emily frequently visits her parents who still reside in Maine and she often bears gifts of homemade pancakes.

In her free time, Emily might be found running, dancing, attending theater shows (she has participated in both musical and contemporary theater), or scratching her activism itch with some weekly community-building. She also enjoys exploring Cambridge and its many tucked-away restaurants and rooftop gardens. For movies, Emily tends to choose feel-good films, such as Happy Feet, Anastasia, and Into the Spider-Verse, but her favorite flick of all time is Rogue One. If not a scrum master, Emily might have liked being an international diplomat, and plans to someday be a published author. She has no pets, but hopes to adopt a cat very soon.

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