The Design Affinity Group creates space for Broadies interested in how design and visual communication can enrich scientific practice — through discussions, presentations and critiques. Embedded in different groups around the Broad, we often don’t see each others’ work or have the opportunity to engage in the conversation of design. Our monthly meetings are designed to increase the conversation by sharing ideas, concepts and techniques to elevate visual communications throughout the Broad. 


We currently develop programming for a monthly meeting which is held on a Friday afternoon, 3:00 – 4:30 pm, in the Galapagos conference room. We strive to vary the areas of design presented in order to serve a variety of design interests. Typical examples include a show-and-tell, a viz hackathon, Design 101, a guest speaker or panel, and an open critique. For researchers, poster reviews offered by the Design Affinity Group generate dialogues on best practices. 

Get involved

Join our Google group to receive notices of our monthly meetings; send an email to design-affinity+subscribe@broadinstitute.org. Join our Slack channel #design-affinity to discuss anything related to design or the group.

Steering committee

The steering committee is open to anyone interested in helping to develop, organize and promote our monthly programming and foster the mission of the group. We currently meet weekly on Thursdays at 3:00 pm. Current members include:

Chair: Lily Chylek | Sabeti Lab

Sophie Webster | Beroukhim Lab

Behnoush Hajian | CDOT

Contact us at design-affinity@broadinstitute.org if you’d like to join on the steering committee.

Design Affinity Group