On this page, Broadies can see a snapshot of our benefits package and follow menu links for additional details and perks. 

Our benefits package includes generous time away.

  • Time off: 15 vacation days in a Broadie’s first year (pro-rated by anniversary); 20 days in subsequent years; 3 personal days each year (pro-rated by calendar year); 12 sick days each year (pro-rated by calendar year); 13 paid holidays plus a holiday closing each year between December 24 and New Year’s Eve.
  • Parental leave: Generous parental leave that exceeds most peer and area non-profit institutions and the state requirements, including 18-20 weeks total (birthing and bonding) for birthing parents, and 12 weeks for non-birthing parents, all paid at 100%.

Our comprehensive benefit plans are designed to provide you with affordable health and dental care.

  • Medical care: A choice of three medical plans designed to meet Broadies’ individual and family needs. On average, Broad covers 80% of the monthly medical plan premium for individuals and families, and the copays and deductibles are market competitive for those who use the plan on a regular basis.
  • Dental care: Comprehensive dental care coverage with 100% coverage on most preventive care and substantial coverage for a range of other dental services. 
  • Vision care: Fully covered vision exams as well as coverage for corrective lenses at no additional premium. 
  • Gender-affirming healthcare: Enhanced gender-affirming medical benefits for benefits-eligible transgender and non-binary Broad employees and their family members whose medical coverage is provided by the Broad. 

We also offer a wide range of additional health and wellness perks, on and offsite; retirement benefits including Broad-matched 401(k) contributions; insurance that covers you and your family in the event of unexpected circumstances; and more.

  • BroadLife: The BroadLife office helps make life work for all members of Broad's diverse community by offering resources that make it easier to integrate work, personal, and family commitments. BroadLife hosts regular seminars, briefings, and discussion groups to provide strategies, tips, and information to help you deal with a diverse array of work-life issues.
  • KGA Life Services and other therapy support: A 24/7 employee assistance program for employees and their household members that includes three free counseling sessions, personalized dependent-care services, and financial and legal services.
    • Broad can also help employees find a therapist, covers copays at 100% for behavioral health services under two of Broad’s medical plans, and offers support groups for interested employees on topics ranging from nutrition to stress management to parenting. 
  • On and offsite perks: Onsite flu vaccination clinics, eye exams, fitness classes, and $300 a year toward gym memberships and fitness equipment.
  • Retirement benefits: Broad matches employee contributions dollar-for-dollar up to 6 percent of base salary. Employees are fully vested in their contribution — plus the Broad match — from day one. Additionally, Broad may provide an annual discretionary contribution, apart from the employer match, to employees’ 401(k) accounts; this discretionary contribution vests after three years of employment.  
  • Short and long-term disability insurance: A continuation of salary in the event you become disabled and cannot work.
  • Life insurance: All Broadies are enrolled in basic life, basic accidental death and dismemberment, and basic business travel accident insurance coverage, with an option to purchase additional voluntary insurance. 


Invitation to Self-Identify Race/Ethnicity, Sex, Disability Status, and Veteran Status