Our Faculty Affairs staff supports Broad’s full faculty community, consisting of Core and Non-Core Institute Members, Affiliate Faculty, and Associate Members, in recruitment, appointments, and onboarding. Members of our Trainee Affairs team provide support and resources to the institute’s academic trainee community, including postdoctoral fellows, graduate, and undergraduate students. Our Funding Opportunities team manages and promotes both internal and external funding opportunities to help Broadies to expand their science. 



Maura Hofstadter
Director, Academic Affairs

Danielle Kerins
Associate Director, Academic Affairs

Angela Florentino
Senior Manager, Trainee Affairs

Jacob Herman
Manager, Funding Opportunities & Communication Lab





Please email academicaffairs@broadinstitute.org to contact a member of our office, and your email will be directed to the appropriate person.

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2022 Next Generation in Biomedicine Symposium on October 13

Register now for the fifth annual Next Generation in Biomedicine Symposium, happening Thursday, October 13. Twenty early career scientists will present their innovative research across a wide range of fields relevant to biomedicine.