A number of Broadies are collaborating to update the 7,100-square-foot atrium lobby, currently known as the DNAtrium, into a publicly accessible museum. Opening later in 2022, the Broad Discovery Center will showcase deep narratives around how researchers at the Broad and our partner institutions are systematically deciphering the root causes of disease. Through engaging exhibits and thoughtful storytelling, visitors will discover the history of a variety of disease areas, from previous ways of studying the disease and treating patients to how new technologies and approaches are helping scientists understand the underlying mechanisms that point towards modern therapeutics. Much of this story will be about what's becoming possible and what the future may look like.

The Broad Discovery Center will be a flexible space that allows us to continue hosting scientific meetings, events, and poster sessions in an appealing destination for Broadies, visiting scientists, local residents, tour groups, college students, patients participating in research, and others.

During 2019 and 2020, many Broadies joined us for workshops to test narratives, storylines, and topics. In January 2020, we launched the digital vestibule at the Merkin Building entrance, which serves as Broad's "front door." 


Broad Museum Planning Team

Executive direction

Todd Golub
Institute Director

Leadership sponsor

Lee McGuire
Chief Communications Officer
Project lead

Namrata Sengupta
Program Manager, Scientific Public Engagement

Project manager

Shannon Humphreys
Project Manager, Communications

Science content

Megan Talkington
Senior Science Writer

Kelsey Tsipis
Development Writer

Karen Zusi-Tran (Editorial lead)
Senior Media Relations Manager
Space planning & design

Sarah Cottet
Senior Director, Facilities

Jeanne MacLellan
Consultant/Senior Project Manager, Space Planning & Design


A. Nora Long
Operations Specialist, Community Engagement



For questions related to the museum renovation, email museumcurationteam@broadinstitute.org.

For questions related to hosting an event, email events@broadinstitute.org.

Latest Announcement

Broad Discovery Center is coming to 415 Main in 2022

Planning continues as we prepare to transform the lobby of 415 Main into a welcoming, active, flexible public museum and event space that tells the story of our emerging understanding of human health and disease. The lobby will be closed to events from July 6 to October 5, 2021 for infrastructure construction that will include installing lighting, power, and data capabilities. The lobby will be closed again from July-August, 2022 for exhibit installation leading up to the museum launch in Fall, 2022.


Broad Discovery Center