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DNAtrium 2.0 is coming to 415 Main in 2021

A number of Broadies are collaborating on a major update to the DNAtrium ― the museum space on the first floor of 415 Main Street. When complete, it will be a welcoming, active, educational space open to the public that tells the story of our emerging understanding of human health and disease.

“DNAtrium 2.0” will open in early 2021. Through interactive exhibits and thoughtful storytelling, we will showcase the amazing scientific journey that began thousands of years ago with early explanations of disease, and has continued through the study of anatomy, cells, DNA, and all the facets of the human genome. The story will extend into more recent advances and projects underway at the Broad Institute and our partner institutions as scientists decipher the underlying mechanisms of disease.

In 2019, we asked several Broadies to join us for workshops to test narratives, storylines, and topics. In January 2020, we launched the DNAtrium digital vestibule at the entrance of the lobby. 

We are planning a “preview” launch of the DNAtrium 2.0 in Fall 2020 and will then close the 415 Main lobby space from October 2020 - January 2021 for construction. Broadies will still be able to enter and exit through the main entrance during this period, but the lobby will be unavailable for events.

Once complete, the DNAtrium will be a flexible space that allows us to continue hosting scientific meetings, events, and poster sessions in an appealing destination for Broadies, visiting scientists, local residents, students on college visits, patients participating in research, people passing by, and more.


Broad Museum Planning Team

Executive direction

Eric Lander
Institute Director

Todd Golub
Chief Scientific Officer 

Leadership sponsors

Lee McGuire
Chief Communications Officer

Justine Levin-Allerhand
Chief Development Officer and Chief External Relations Officer
Project lead

Linda Moineau
Director, IT Operational Excellence

Science content

Namrata Sengupta
Program Manager, Scientific Public Engagement

Megan Talkington
Senior Science Writer

Karen Zusi
Senior Media Relations Manager

Jenny Rood
Past team member, 2018-2021
Space planning & design

Tom Grimble
Director, Facilities Planning & Design

Facilities consultant

Jeanne MacLellan


For questions related to the museum renovation, you can email

Latest Announcement

DNAtrium gallery prototypes in 415 Main

Beginning on August 6, 2020 prototypes of the new DNAtrium will be on display in the 415 Main lobby.