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How do I get involved?


What is Sustainability@Broad currently working on?

  • Working with Broad’s COO, Jesse Souweine, to establish a Sustainability Council. This cross-departmental council will work collaboratively to share information about our ongoing sustainability efforts with the Broad community and will work to establish new environmental benchmarks for Broad in the future.
  • Establishing “shut the sash” and other eco-friendly lab practices, inspired and informed by Harvard Green Labs.
  • In tandem with the administration’s mini-charter, we’re working to improve composting at Broad.


Why should Broad, and Broadies, care about sustainability? 
Sustainability@Broad believes that Broad needs to fulfill our responsibility to protect the environment and ensure that our research will be most impactful and effective. Our mission goes hand-in-hand with Broad’s overall mission to improve human health: we are working to encourage efficient and thoughtful use of resources in a changing, climatologically uncertain landscape. As a pioneering, collaborative, and globally-reaching institution, Broad is uniquely poised to model sustainability-minded business practices and to inspire our fellow biomedical technology and educational leaders to do the same.


Helpful resources to make your lifestyle (at work or home) more sustainable:


Latest Announcement

Sustainability during coronavirus

Sustainability@Broad has compiled this list of recommendations to reduce your environmental impact while flattening the curve.