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By partnering with allies, Institutional leadership, and other Broad affinity groups, our goal is to cultivate an inclusive community that will attract and retain future and current Broadies of color. We further aim to advance Broad scientific research by promoting ethnically diverse scientific perspectives and approaches.

There are many ways to get involved with Shades@Broad.

1. Share your perspective at our open meetings
Join us for our open meetings where we discuss different topics relating to ethnic diversity and inclusion. Agendas are circulated a week in advance. Click here to subscribe to our calendar.

2. Join the steering committee or subcommittee
Are you passionate about Shades' mission and would like to be more involved in setting the tone and direction of the group? Feel free to self-nominate to be part of the steering committee. We are also always looking for Broadies to join one of our subcommittees to help advance our mission. Consider joining a subcommittee.

3. Attend one of our events
We host small and large events throughout the year to engage the Broad community in dialogue and education about the ethnic minority experience in the U.S. and at the Broad.  Please keep a look out for events through our announcements. Here are some of our previous events.


Join our Google group

Join a sub-committee

Join our Slack Channel

Contact the Shades Steering Committee should you have any questions.