Get in touch with us if…

  • You have scientific news to share or just want to let us know about the interesting work you are doing. We do our best work when you bring us into the loop early — several weeks or even months in advance of the date you want news to be shared. (For instance, if you are publishing a new paper, let us know at the time that it's accepted!) 
    • Having early access to information gives us time to create a comprehensive strategy to get the word out through news articles, press releases, social media, blogs, videos, op-eds, and/or other modes of communication, and to work with you to make sure we get the message just right. Our writers are well-versed in respecting embargoes and maintaining the confidentiality of unpublished work and manuscripts.
  • You see an exciting trend in research at Broad and beyond. We want to tell compelling stories about how Broadies are opening new frontiers and leading science in new directions.
  • You know a Broadie with a great story to tell, or you have one of your own! It isn't just the science that makes the Broad unique — it's the people behind that science. Through our #WhyIScience series and other types of story-telling, we want to help the world get to know the people who make the Broad amazing.
  • You need to update your biography on the Broad website (e.g., you have a new title, you've received an award).


Team members

David Cameron
Director of Communications and Media Relations

Allessandra DiCorato
Science Writer

Leah Eisenstadt
Senior Science Writer

Corie Lok
Managing Editor

Namrata Sengupta
Associate Director, Scientific Public Engagement and Broad Discovery Center

Andrea Tamayo
Science Writing Intern

Tom Ulrich
Associate Director, Scientific Communications

Karen Zusi-Tran
Senior Media Relations Manager